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Biosecurity and Pest and Disease Management

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Melons Australia represents the biosecurity interests of melon producers and the industry. They are members of Plant Health Australia (PHA) and signatories to the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed. Their responsibilities include:

· biosecurity planning and implementation at the national and farm levels

· liaising with federal and state governments on trade issues

· funding and supporting biosecurity initiatives

· participating in national committees and response efforts in an emergency.

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Varroa Mite Updates

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Recent Biosecurity Alerts

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Melon Industry Biosecurity Plan

To ensure its future viability and sustainability, it is important that the Australian melon industry, represented by Australian Melon Association Inc. as the peak industry body, minimises the risks posed by exotic pests and responds effectively to p...

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Biosecurity Champions

One of the most often cited problems that melon growers face, regarding maintaining farm biosecurity, is holiday makers who enter farms without permission to look at crops or harvest fruit. Melon farms are often in remote areas but near areas of natu...

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Farm biosecurity and preparedness resources

Melon growers are reminded that biosecurity is vitally important to all farm businesses. Although it is now 8 years since Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus was found in the Northern Territory, strong on-farm biosecurity is needed to prevent this vir...

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Pest Information

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Crop Protection

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Melon ORC Framework

Melons Australian in partnership with Plant Health Australia have finalized our industry Owner Reimbursement Cost (ORC) Framework. In the case of an exotic pest incursion, a response plan is implemented to eradicate or prevent the spread of that emer...

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Melon Biosecurity Incident Standard Operating Procedures (BISOP)

Australian Melon Association’s BISOP documents how the organisation delivers on its roles and responsibilities as a Party to the EPPRD, with specific emphasis on undertaking its role in a response to an incident. This document provides guidance to st...

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