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The Australian Melon Industry

The melon industry provides fresh fruit to Australian shoppers all year round. Quality watermelons, rockmelons, honeydew melons and a range of speciality melons like Piel De Sapo provide sweet fresh treats and are used in savoury and sweet recipes.

Our melons are grown by Australian farmers for Australian consumers. From the very north of the country to the south, 300 farmers produce melons in healthy soils with an abundance of fresh sunshine and clean water.

Nothing tastes as good as a fresh melon.

About us

Chinchilla Melon Festival 2023!

If you’ve never seen anyone split open 47 watermelons in 60 seconds using nothing but, well… their own melon, you should probably come to the Chinchilla Melon Festival for one heck of a good laugh!

Fun Activities for Kids

Melon fun activities for kids

Eat a rainbow

Melon carvings

Tasty melon snacks