Innovative products, at the right time, in the right way

Syngenta, global leaders in plant health science, this week brought together agronomists, advisors, consultants and growers from across Australia for the launch of two breakthrough products for horticulture.

The event, Syngenta GrowMore 2022, engaged participants in meaningful discussion about strategic use of the now-registered SIMODIS® insecticide and MIRAVIS® Duo fungicide, while supporting best-practice crop management methods.

“We’re proud to be among a small handful of global leaders in agricultural research and development, dedicated to the discovery of breakthrough products in the management of diseases and insect pests,” said Syngenta Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Paul Luxton.

“It’s not every year we get to bring two breakthroughs to market in horticulture, with immediate benefit to farmers, upon whom we count upon for the ongoing supply of nutritious fresh produce.”

In horticulture, Syngenta GrowMore 2022 is unmatched in ambition or scale, given the breadth and variety of crops established to support assessment of products and discussion with visitors. Launched four years ago in Gatton, the return to the Lockyer Valley for the launch of SIMODIS® insecticide was deemed vitally important. The Lockyer Valley has in recent times battled Group 28 resistance in diamondback moth (DBM), which has put growers and agronomists under increasing pressure to produce quality crops with few effective control measures.

Syngenta Technical Services Lead Dr Shaun Hood said last week’s registration of SIMODIS® insecticide, powered by PLINAZOLIN® technology, was a momentous occasion, representing a breakthrough for managing key insect and mite pests.

“In some regions, diamondback moth has become increasingly difficult to manage, with resistance reducing the efficacy of some well-known chemistries,” said Dr Hood.

“SIMODIS® insecticide is an innovation from Syngenta being a novel mode of action, Group 30, offering reliable, robust and extended efficacy against difficult to manage pests in our key horticultural crops.”


The event included expert advice on resistance management, and optimisation of product application for superior outcomes on-farm. Dr Simon Baxter, Senior Lecturer in genetics at The University of Melbourne shared insights into his research in DBM diamide resistance. Also in attendance were Dr Sinisa Jelovcan, Syngenta Global Technical Manager Insecticides, visiting from Croatia, and Francois Burghgraeve, Syngenta Product Development Lead for insecticides, visiting from Switzerland, both of whom shared their insights and experience about SIMODIS® insecticide from a global perspective.

The second product launched at the event was MIRAVIS® Duo fungicide, offering outstanding protection against powdery mildew and leaf spot diseases in open field and protected cropping.

“This is an exciting new development in the MIRAVIS® brand family,” said Syngenta Technical Services Lead, Dr Brandy Rawnsley.

“The active ingredient pydiflumetofen was introduced in Australia in 2018 and has been a game changer for control of powdery mildew in grapes and target spot (Alternaria) in potatoes. This same active co-formulated with difenoconazole will now be introduced to preventatively control key diseases across a broad range of vegetable crops.”

The Syngenta GrowMore site at Gatton enabled more than 100 guests to make assessments of various treatments across rockmelon, tomato, carrot, celery, spring onion and broccoli crops. The event concluded with a marquee celebration after nightfall with canapes and drinks among guests.

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