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Developing a Rockmelon Supply Chain

The project aimed to supply fruit with a Brix of 10% or above, suitable varieties and picking indicators that could accurately identify fruit which meets the quality specification. The project identified the presence of netting around the peduncle of LSL varieties could be used to accurately identify fruit which met the quality specification of more than 10oBrix. These varieties can be stored for at least 2 weeks without adversely affecting Brix or visual quality.


Effects of Polysaccharide-Based edible coatings on Fresh-Cut Melon

Active edible coating is a novel promising approach for extending shelf life of fresh agricultural products. This method is based on the use of natural components without artificial supplements.


Export_Melon Industry Export Plan

Danny Burrows, APCO International presents the Australian Melon Industry Export Plan.


Export_Citrus Exports

David Daniels, Citrus Australia discusses the development of the citrus export industry.


Export_Hort Innovation

Michael Rogers outlines the assistance that Hort innovation provides to exporters.


Export_Melons in Japan

Toshiya Kobayashi, Euromonitor International discusses the potential for Australian melons in Japan and outlines the requirements of the Japanese melon market.


Exporting to Middle East and Asia

An overview of Australia’s domestic market and market snapshots of the Middle East, China, South Korea and Japan, examining their domestic markets and vegetable trade with Australia


Guide for Australian Exporters

Step by step guide for exporters of plant products.

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