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The Australian Melon Association Inc is “Working together to build a successful future for the Australian Melon Industry” by:

  • Delivering product that lives up to the expectations of consumers

  • Innovation that creates improved products and operating systems

  • Engaging the key retailers with industry strategies

  • All levels of industry supply chains working together

  • Adequate resourcing of action to implement industry priorities


The benefits of membership of the Australian Melon Association are:

  • Access to “members only” section on website

  • Quarterly member’s newsletter

  • Monthly e-news

  • Meeting and event notices

  • Updates and alerts

The Australian melon industry appreciates your support of the melon industry through membership of Australian Melon Association Inc. Having an industry organisation gives strength and leadership to the melon industry. With limited funds, AMA contributes to across industry projects as well as melon industry development projects. Funds raised within the industry are currently used for:

1 Grower consultation and grower meetings

2 Communications – Melon News, Melon E-   news, direct email, website

3 Industry Development Project –Part-time Industry Development Manager to coordinate industry development activities, grower meetings, grower enquiries, conference, communications, representation, grower tours, research projects, and liaison with government agriculture departments.

4 Food safety project – development of Best Management Guidelines for melon growers

5 Limited representation to government on behalf of melon growers on issues such as biosecurity & chemical registration

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