Authorised Inspection Person Training – Melon Thrips

Melon Thrip

When: Tentatively set for Tuesday, 5 April 2022; to be confirmed.

Where: Ayr Research Station, 343 Old Clare Road, AYR – Map

Contact: Roger Winton, Senior Biosecurity Officer, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Mobile: 0459 810 628, Email: [email protected]

About the course

The aims of this course are to introduce and provide you with an understanding of:

  • Domestic Quarantine & Market Access systems within Australia used for the movement of plant and plant products;
  • Interstate certification systems;
  • The role of an Authorised Inspection Person operating within the Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) Scheme;
  • Melon thrips biology and identification; and
  • Sampling and inspection techniques for fruits and vegetables, live plants, cut flowers and foliage for freedom of suspect melon thrips.


  • Likely to include increased flexibility of operations (businesses can plan and schedule operations without the need to arrange for a Biosecurity inspector to be present).

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of domestic quarantine and market access systems used within Australia for the movement of plants and plant products;
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of certification systems;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Authorised Inspection Person role within the ICA Scheme;
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge and understanding of melon thrips biology and identification;
  • Demonstrate the ability to take a sample of fruits and vegetables, live plants, cut flowers and foliage and conduct an inspection for suspect melon thrips; and
  • Demonstrate the ability to take a sample of suspect melon thrips for identification.

Course Recognition

  • This course meets the requirements of an ‘Authorised Inspection Person’ as described in the Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) Scheme Operational Procedure Inspection of Fruits and Vegetables, Live Plants, Cut Flowers and Foliage for Melon Thrips [ICA-38].
  • Participants attending the course and successfully completing all assessment tasks will receive a Certificate of Attainment. This certificate will be required in your workplace as evidence as an [ICA-38] ‘Authorised Inspection Person’.