Listeria in rockmelons

MEDIA RELEASE 28th February 2018 

Following recent cases of listeriosis this year, the Australian melon industry has been working closely with New South Wales Food Authority to determine the source. At this stage, it is believed that the source of the contamination has been found on one farm who stopped supplying product last Friday.
Other farms currently supplying rockmelons to the market have tested negative for food-borne microbial disease including listeria. Testing of the fruit commenced last Thursday as a precautionary measure while the NSW Food Authority investigation continued. Dianne Fullelove, Industry Development Manager said “The most likely source of the contamination is rockmelons from one farm who voluntarily withdrew fruit last Friday as soon as the situation was known. Other types of melons are not implicated.”
The melon industry is genuinely concerned for the health of consumers involved in this outbreak. “We are working closely with government food safety investigators to respond to this incident and will redouble our efforts to eliminate foodborne illness”.
Industry has worked closely with the NSW Food Authority to ensure microbial testing was conducted on all current rockmelon suppliers and are continuing to work closely with the NSW Food Authority.
The melon industry is currently undertaking research with the ARC Training Centre for Food Safety in the Fresh Produce Industry into the best practice in food safety on rockmelon farms. More investment in food safety research program is currently in the planning stages.
For further information, contact: Dianne Fullelove Industry Development Manager Australian Melon Association Inc Mobile: +61 413 101 646 Email:


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