The Melon Industry

Australian melon growers produce fresh and tasty fruit from the very best soils and climate in Australia with partnerships from all levels of the supply chain to produce melons that the industry is proud to say is the most versatile and delicious fruit for AustraliaĆ­s consumers.

The Australian Melon Association is the peak industry body for the melon industry in Australia. With over 250 Australian melon growers, AMA represents their members to all levels of government and the supply chain. Membership also includes wholesalers, service providers, marketers, consultants, and researchers.

The AMA was founded with the objectives of promoting and coordinating all aspects of the industry, to encourage free exchange of ideas and information and to foster goodwill among the industry.

The melon industry is working together to build a successful future for the Australian melon growers by:

  • Delivering product that lives up to the expectations of consumers
  • Innovation that creates improved products and operating systems
  • Engaging the key retailers with industry strategies
  • All levels of industry supply chains working together
  • Adequate resourcing of action to implement industry priorities

Our Sponsors

The Australian melon industry is supported by a range of sponsors who support the melon industry through in-kind and financial contribution. Melon growers are encouraged to support those buisnesses who support them.

Strong partnerships are the key to success.


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2018 Australian Melon Industry Conference & Field Days

Join the melon industry at the 2018 Australian Melon Industry Conference & Field Days to be held in North Queensland in September.

Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are available now.

Ayr grower's meeting industry update

Latest information on the Australian melon industry, includes levy information, food safety, current pest & disease issues.

Trial of Seasonal Workers Program

Employ local people on the farm

The Fruit Salad project

The Fruit Salad project: Soil amendments in fertigated melons blueberries and banana production